Since 2014, the School of International Business and Marketing has translated and published Vietnamese versions of mostly updated copyrighted books for using in teaching and studying. We have raised a fund from academic staff to apply huge discounts on the retail prices of the books for our students. This supports them in approaching global knowledge and experiencing more professional learning styles.



Nguyên lý Tiếp thị” is the first translated book from the original “Principles of Marketing”, 14th edition. The Vietnamese book has fine quality with nice covers, printed in color papers.

The book has been widely used as the textbook of the module Principles of Marketing for Business and Economic students.

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Quản trị Marketing” – 14th international edition, from the authors Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller provides detailed definitions, models and processes of Marketing Management.

In the 14th reprint, the book has redefined definitions, and updated most recently examples from the real markets which are in digital era with the impacts of technology and globalization.

The book is the core textbook using for Marketing, Business Administration, International Business majors.


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Marketing Quốc tế” is translated from the “International Marketing” written by Cateora, Gilly, and Graham by the academic staff of the School of International Business and Marketing.

The book helps students to recognize different cultural and environmental features in local contexts. The 16th edition reflects all the incidents and groundbreaking events that have been affecting to businesses all over the globe in recent years. This makes the reason for choosing the textbook for students in Marketing, International Business, and Foreign Trade majors.


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Khoa-hoc-quan-triIt is necessary for business learners to understand the basic of management science, therefore, the School of International Business and Marketing has decided to translate the book “Introduction to Management Science: A Modeling and Case Studies, Approach with Spreadsheet”, 5th edition from Frederick S. Hillier, published by McGraw Hill.  The book presents the mathematical models and how to build up the models to solve management problems logically. Using the book, students will be familiar with solving business problems by transforming it into mathematical problems and using mathematical tools. Many examples also help learners to understand managerial problems visually. Exercises provide learners opportunities to practice modelling skills and find solutions for managerial problems.

The book will be applied in International Business and Foreign Trade majors.

International Financial ManagementThe school has received positive feedback from students and readers for the 7 published books in Vietnamese. Thus, we have decided to choose another book, “International Financial Management”, 7th edition of Cheol S. Eun and Bruce G. Resnick, published by McGraw Hill, which is used in various universities in the United States and Australia, to be the textbook for International Financial Management module in both undergraduate and postgraduate training. The book will be published in English, but the summarizes and key terms will be in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese contents help students study the book easily by themselves.


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Sach-Quan-Tri-Chien-Luoc-Khai-Luan-Và-Các-Tinh-Huong1The book “Strategic Management: Concepts and Case Studies” of Fred R. David has been published in many countries, and used as the official textbook for Strategic Management modules in more than 500 universities and colleges over the world. It makes the reason for us to translate and publish the book in order to provide more materials for students’ learning. The book also spreads the strategic management knowledge into businesses and non-profit organizations in Vietnam.


The book “Kinh doanh Quốc tế Hiện đại” which was translated from Charles W. L. Hill, “Global Business Today”, under the permission of McGraw Hill publishing, has been introduced the most updated version (8th reprint) to Vietnamese reader recently. The target readers of the books are not only undergraduate and postgraduate students but also business managers.

Presenting the most modern theoretical frameworks, the book provides all the essential knowledge and skills that help international business managers be aware of global environment characteristics and circumstances. This is useful for managers to adapt their business behaviors to global integration to gain better performances. In addition, the author has updated various typical case studies to support readers understanding theoretical concepts deeply, and applying correctly to their specific business situations.


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The book “Operation & Supply Chain Management” of F. Robert Jacobs and Richard B. Chase is based on management science that employs mathematical models widely for performing analysis. This provide quantitative methods for managers to make decisions and anticipate the best results in their practices.

The book is translated into Vietnamese, namely “Quản trị vận hành và chuỗi cung ứng” by the academic staff of the School.


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