The School of International Business and Marketing (SIBM) as it is known today was formerly known as The School of Commerce and Material Supply which in 1976 officially became a department operated within and under the auspice of The University of Economic Ho Chi Minh City. Since its formation until now 2016, 40 years later, SIBM has continually strived to foster an environment that encourages academic excellence, creativity, collaborative and cooperative exchanges within all members of its eco system. SIBM programs illustrate the exhibition of its commitment to these guiding principles. SIBM undergraduate programs and curriculums are based on the methodologies and practices adopted by within 200 well known and high ranking universities and institutions worldwide. SIBM continuously monitors and gauges these international standards and modifies its program appropriately to ensure its teaching is current, state of the industry. SIBM faculty comprised of a diverse pool of academic and industry scholars, all are committed to providing SIBM students with the best knowledges and trainings in the pertaining field of studies. SIBM students accumulate their knowledge through classroom lectures, computer based simulations, hand on experiences with participating businesses and industries, and interaction with faculties on both mentor and/or peer to peer relationships.

SIBM programs are also up to date. At this time the School offers four distinct areas of studies: The programs of International Business, International Trade, Commerce, and Marketing. Two new programs are in the planning and will be available for general registration soon. They are namely the program of Logistics and Supply Chains Management, and the program of Media Communication. SIBM undergraduate programs are available to both full time and part time students.

SIBM efforts toward excellences in its programs and faculties have reverberated well with high school graduates and their parents, reflecting in the steady increase of enrollment at SIBM over the years. Recent data indicates that annual enrollments at SIBM accounts for almost 10% of all enrollments at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. SIBM recently commissioned an independent opinion research targeting multinational corporations, industries, and businesses with offices within the greater Ho Chi Minh City area. SIBM wanted to gauge how its graduates fared in these businesses, both from the initial hiring and then the ongoing working within their companies. The survey result was very favorable. The survey data indicated that SIBM alumni were well received due to mainly two factors: first was their command of foreign languages skill and second was their technical, professional knowledge. Both of these factors in turn came from the diligent trainings they received while understudied at SIBM.

To accommodate its growing direction, on March 25th, 2015 the faculty officially changed its name to Khoa Kinh Doanh Quốc Tế – Marketing, with its English name designated as The School of International Business and Marketing. The school offers four areas of specialized studies: (1) International Business, (2) International Trade, (3) Commerce, and (4) Marketing.

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